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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Calvert International AG

At Calvert International AG, we align our sustainability mission with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), committing to make a significant impact on gender equality, clean energy, and sustainable industrialization across the African continent.

Empowering Women in the Energy Sector (SDG 5)

Our dedication to SDG 5, Gender Equality, is evident in our initiatives to empower women within the energy industry. We are actively promoting female leadership and participation through targeted programs that aim to uplift women’s roles in this vital sector. By fostering an environment of equality, we are breaking down barriers and paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive industry.

Driving Clean Energy Solutions (SDG 7)

In line with SDG 7, Affordable and Clean Energy, Calvert International AG is at the forefront of facilitating clean energy solutions. Our strategic investments in renewable energy projects and innovations underscore our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and providing sustainable energy options. We measure the impact of our initiatives rigorously, ensuring transparent reporting and continuous improvement.

Advancing Sustainable Industrialization (SDG 9)

Our approach to SDG 9, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, is centered around sustainable industrialization. We are investing in resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive industrialization, and fostering innovation to create a sustainable future for Africa. Through our work, we aim to not only advance economic growth but to ensure that it is sustainable, resilient, and long-lasting.

Integrating Sustainability with Strategy

At Calvert International AG, sustainability is not a side project, it is integrated into our core business strategy. We have developed a comprehensive framework to guide our contributions to the SDGs, ensuring that our business objectives align with our sustainability goals.

Collaborative Efforts for Greater Impact

Achieving the SDGs is not a journey we undertake alone. Collaboration is key, and we work alongside various partners, including local communities, industry leaders, and global organizations, to amplify our impact. Together, we are making strides towards a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous Africa.

Transparency and Reporting

We believe in transparency and accountability. Our progress towards these SDGs is tracked and reported regularly, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to not just setting goals, but achieving them. We invite our stakeholders to follow our journey and join us in making a positive change.